Company Overview: iHeartMedia is a leading audio entertainment company that hosts a number of events. These events include music festivals, concerts, and award shows that showcase the best in the industry. iHeartMedia events are held across the United States, and sometimes, even internationally. The events are always well-attended, with thousands of fans showing up to watch their favorite artists perform live. With a lineup of top entertainers and exciting performances, iHeartMedia events are a must-see for anyone who loves music and entertainment.

Projects: Below showcases some of the designs I had the opportunity to create and work on. These projects include Presentation Templates and Eblasts for major iHeart Events such as Jingle Ball and Podcast Awards.


Team Highlight Video

Graphic Designers
Eftekar Nasser
Amanda Aylmer
Joy Zhang

Art Director
Daly Knowlton

Design Director
Bennett Williams